Dr Taher Khan

Consultant Radiologist and Non-Vascular Intervention Radiologist

Dr. Taher Khan

Dr Khan hails from Southern region of India. He received his medical degree Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of health Science Bangalore, India, and Post-Graduation in Radiodiagnosis.


Consultant Radiologist


European society of Cardiovascular Radiology

Kuwait Radiological Association

Arab Health Radiological Association

Indian Radiological Imaging Association


The Cayman Islands has become his new home since recently relocating from Kuwait with his family.

Dr. Taher started practicing Radiology in November 2013. Since then, he has dedicated his life to this noble profession. In 2015, he got trained in Non-vascular Intervention Radiology.

Dr. Taher is an expert in performing all types of ultrasounds scanning and doppler studies. He is also an expert in performing level 2 pregnancy scans, ultrasound-guided biopsies, pleural fluid tapping and ascitic fluid tapping (both therapeutic and diagnostic).

Dr. Taher is always friendly, interactive, and empathetic to all his patients as he fully understands the overwhelming emotions that a clinical visit may sometimes bring. His focus has always been the best quality care with detailed reports, and he pursues hours of continuing medical education to achieve the highest standards of care that he further provides to his patients. He has been taught and mentored by world renowned Radiologist Dr. David Cosgrove in the field of Radiology. He is always willing to actively give back to society in all ways possible when called upon.

Dr. Taher enjoys health talks, community health work, physical workouts, playing cricket, football, badminton. chess, cooking, and music. His idols in life are his Parents. His Professional Motto: You should not have a biologically harmful CT X-Ray scan Unless you feel that your life depends upon it


Ultrasound Services:

Abdomen and Pelvis

  • To diagnose the liver diseases/fatty changes in liver
  • To diagnose gallbladder diseases/gall bladder stones
  • To diagnose the size and echotexture of bilateral Kidneys/to rule out any stones
  • To diagnose any changes in the pancreas -to rule out acute /chronic pancreatitis
  • To diagnose changes in the stomach wall due to acidity/gases formation
  • To diagnose appendicitis
  • To diagnose the Bowel disease-small intestine/large intestine
  • To diagnose the echotexture of Urinary bladder changes during urinary Infection
  • To diagnose Prostate Echotexture-commonest enlargement after 35yrs noted in world population


  • To diagnose any muscle tear/ligament deformity in any part of the body
  • To look for the uterus and ovaries in normal female patients-look for any diseases of the pelvic system
  • In Infertility female patients-Follicular study

Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Early Pregnancy scan
  • NT Scan
  • Anomaly scan/level 2 scan
  • growth scan
  • obstetrics doppler scan
  • Dating scan


  • To diagnose any brain diseases in newborn baby/Neurosonogram

Male Reproductive System

  • To diagnose the diseases of testis and scrotum


  • To look for any blood circulation problems in the Upper limbs and Lower Limbs
  • To look for any blood circulation problems in neck vessels


  • To look for diseases of salivary glands
  • To look for echotexture of the Thyroid gland and its blood supply


  • To look for retinal/vitreous detachment
  • To look for corneal hemorrhage



MD – Radiodiagnosis

Awards and honours

Total Radiology Advanced Courses-2014 Cleveland Clinic USA

Total Radiology Advanced Course-2019 Cleveland Clinic USA

Recent Advances in Oncology-RSSA 2021

COVID-19 vaccines and Cancer care-ASCO/IDSA

International Journal Presentation- SAS Journal of Medicine 2015

PET SCAN uses and advanced Course-HCG 2012

Interventional Radiology Course-NIMHANS 2012

Advances in Radiology- SAARC 2012

Diffusion weighted Imaging on MRI-Infections vs non-infections-Youngest Radiologist to deliver Lecture in International Platform-SAARC 2012

Advanced Radiology Education -RARE 2013-RAMCHANDRA UNIVERSITY 2013