Biomedical Scientist

Melanie Feik


Biomedical Scientist


Melanie started her career as a medical lab technologist working at the St. Josef Malteser Hospital in Hamm (Germany), she was trained as a lab technologist at the Elisabeth Hospital in Essen, Germany. She also had the opportunity to work for Vita 34 in Leipzig, at that time the leading private umbilical cord blood bank in Europe.


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Biotechnology – Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin (Germany), 2009 – 2014

Quality assurance/ GMP in the pharmaceutical industry (Concept Heidelberg, Germany), 2007

Academic Teaching Hospital Elisabeth  Essen (Germany), 1997 – 2001


2019 to 2021: Biomedical Scientist at the Celimar Central Clinic