Weight Loss Program

TotalHealth - Weight Loss Program
How it works:

How our weight loss program works is by first doing a consultation at our clinic. Once consultation is complete, bloodwork will then be conducted. Based on the results, the doctor will then prescribe the necessary treatment for your plan. Your prescription will be taken based on doctor’s advice, and a consultation along with bloodwork will be scheduled monthly. The suggested length of time for our weight loss program is a minimum of 3 months, but patients may choose to continue their weight loss plan for up to 6 months.

Private insurance covers both the weight loss consultations and bloodwork, depending on the individual patient’s insurance plan. Payment for weight loss prescription is not covered by insurance and payment will need to be paid out of pocket.

At Total Health, our goal is to help patients achieve their health goals and to meet and exceed expectations.

Our hours of operation are 8AM8PM, Monday – Saturday.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, you may call our clinic at +1 (345) 333-2222 or send an email to appointments@totalhealth.ky