General Medical Disorders

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General Medical Disorders

Our highly capable, experienced, and caring doctors provide exceptional care for a range of general medical disorders. We excel in accurate diagnosis, personalized treatments, and, most importantly, preventive health and wellness services. Our unique approach involves engaging with patients on a one-on-one basis, enabling us to thoroughly understand their symptoms and changes in health. Through comprehensive tests, we arrive at precise diagnoses and recommend evidence-based treatment plans tailored to individual needs. Whether addressing concerns such as weight loss, loss of taste, excessive urination, general fatigue, or managing conditions like anemia and nutritional deficiency, our purpose is to empower patients with a personalized treatment plan, guiding them on the path to recovery.

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What are the unique features of Total Health’s general medicine department?

Our esteemed panel of experienced doctors, skilled caregivers and highly trained staff are more than qualified to handle the broad spectrum of illnesses that affect adults today. We are experts in arriving at accurate evidence-based diagnoses, designing personalised treatment plans to treat chronic ailments, promoting good health and raising awareness about preventing diseases that spring from diverse origins.

As expert clinicians, we arrive at the right diagnosis with the help of our advanced laboratory and imaging services. After that, we provide constant guidance and recommend the right treatment to patients across a diverse age group, from young adults and the elderly depending on their personal needs.  Our clinicians go beyond their call of duty and engage with their patients on an individual level to offer professional counselling and support.   

In short, we at Total Health are fully equipped to deal with whatever acute illness the patient brings. Whether the disease is common or rare, simple or complex, old or new, we are duty-bound to do our best to heal our patients.  

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