We want all our patients to see a brighter future and taking good care of their eyes, does just that. Clinical recommendations suggest that an annual eye check-up is an essential step towards preserving vision.

From routine eye exams, pediatric visual assessments, specialized care for age-related issues to comprehensive diabetic care for retinal disorders including Macular degeneration, our Ophthalmology department offers every member of your family the specialized care they need.

Diagnostic Services:

Early and accurate analysis for any form of illness or disease is extremely important. The Ophthalmology department at Total Health offers early diagnostic services that take a deeper look at the health of your eyes.

  • Visual Acuity
  • Refraction
  • Slit-lamp Evaluation
  • Ophthalmoscopy
  • Tonometry
  • Gonioscopy

Screening and Treatment:

Without accurate screening, no treatment is successful. Therefore, at Total Health, we provide personalized screening and treatment procedures that help in better outcomes and treatment of ocular conditions.

  • Eye Trauma
  • Dry Eye and Blepharitis
  • Contact lens related problems
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster Infections
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Retina Care - Vitro Retinal Disorders, Diabetic and Hypertensive Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration

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