Senior Care

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We recognize and honor the invaluable contributions of our elders as the pillars of our community. Our commitment to senior care is rooted in the belief that they deserve special attention, considering their preferences, values, and a holistic understanding of their social, emotional, and medical needs. With this philosophy, we craft personalized treatment plans that prioritize the well-being of our elderly patients. Our exclusive and comprehensive geriatric care programs are designed to empower seniors to maintain independence and experience an exceptional quality of life as esteemed members of the Cayman Islands. We address a range of common disorders in elderly patients, including dementia, pain, immobility, cardio-metabolic disorders, diabetes, urological issues, bed sores, loss of muscle mass, and lack of appetite. Providing compassionate and specialized care enhances the overall health and dignity of our senior community members.

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What are the common health conditions associated with aging?

Loss of hearing, refractive errors, cataracts, neck and back pain, osteoarthritis, pulmonary disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dementia and depression are the common ailments and disorders that affect the aging population.

What are the causes of disabilities in the elderly?

Our studies and experiences have arrived at the conclusion that the greatest cause of disability is sensory impairments, neck and back pain, depressive disorders, diabetes, dementia and osteoarthritis.

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