Day Care Services

Doctor giving an injection to the patient

We recommend Day Care treatments to patients in need of supervised medical therapy provided by our expert team of doctors. Our team oversees and administers a range of therapies, ensuring appropriate examination and observation under clinical supervision. Day Care treatments at our clinic are tailored to meet the specific needs of patients requiring focused medical attention without the necessity of prolonged hospitalization. Whether it’s a scheduled procedure, infusion therapy, or ongoing medical management, our Day Care Services offer a supportive and efficient environment for individuals to receive the necessary care.

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Day Care Procedures

How is Day Care different from O.P.D services?

Doctors provide O.P.D. (Out Patient Department) treatment to patients who visit them at the clinic or consultation room whereas a patient under day care needs to stay/be admitted for observation purposes.

What do Total Health’s Day Care observations and procedures entail?

Our expert doctors offer a broad range of procedures which include keeping the patient under observation till they feel well enough to get back to their normal lives.  

Our procedures for our Day Care patients are as follows:   

  • Prescribe Drug Infusions under observation
  • Administer Intravenous Fluids under observation
  • Injectable Iron Therapy
  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Wound Care & Suturing
  • Incision & Drainage for Small Abscess
  • Nail Removal
  • Small Cyst Removal
  • Small Biopsies & FNAC
  • Pleural Tap (Diagnostic &Therapeutic)
  • Ascitic Tap (Diagnostic &Therapeutic)

What are the unique features of Total Health’s General Medicine Department?

Our esteemed panel of experienced doctors, skilled caregivers and highly trained staff are more than qualified to handle the broad spectrum of illnesses that affect adults today. We are experts in arriving at accurate evidence-based diagnoses, designing personalised treatment plans to treat chronic ailments, promoting good health and raising awareness about preventing diseases that spring from diverse origins.

As expert clinicians, we arrive at the right diagnosis with the help of our advanced laboratory and imaging services. After that, we provide constant guidance and recommend the right treatment to patients across a diverse age group, from young adults and the elderly depending on their personal needs.  Our clinicians go beyond their call of duty and engage with their patients on an individual level to offer professional counselling and support.   

In short, we at Total Health are fully equipped to deal with whatever acute illness the patient brings. Whether the disease is common or rare, simple or complex, old or new, we are duty-bound to do our best to heal our patients.

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