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As caring professional dentists, we strive to minimize tooth extractions whenever possible. Our approach involves utilizing every available treatment and technique to preserve the natural tooth, aligning with our goal to empower patients with authentic smiles.

Tooth extraction helps prevent:

  • Complicated dental problems
  • Various illnesses
  • Decay in other healthy teeth

Preventive Care

Doctor Consultation

Day Care Procedures

When do we recommend tooth extraction?

We always do our best to preserve and save our patient’s teeth rather than extract them. However, as experts, we need to recommend an extraction when it best serves our patient’s dental needs. An extraction is a preventive and routine dental procedure that we adopt to avoid further complications and diseases. In the long run, an extraction of a damaged tooth can help preserve other healthy teeth and spare the patient from pain and discomfort in the future.

Why is having an extraction necessary?

Usually, we cannot save a tooth which has sustained damage from an accident or been injured in a sports activity or is decayed. In these circumstances, we opt for an extraction.   Apart from the above reasons, we recommend an extraction when we notice overcrowding within the mouth of the patient or when we spot failed root canals or for other orthodontic reasons.

Our approach includes a thorough and comprehensive examination first. We then share the best options possible before the patient so that they can make the best-informed decision. We also include tooth replacement options if required.  

We also come across cases where the patient has neglected their oral care and check-ups. Then the cavities would have grown to a point where the tooth is absolutely non-restorable and an extraction becomes necessary.  

We want our patients to feel empowered with beautiful smiles. Restoring smiles is our duty but patients also need to maintain oral hygiene because even an unfilled space tends to shift and cause more complications.  

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