Holistic Approach:

The sum total and long-term wellness of the individual is our specialty.  

Accurate Diagnostics

Before deciding on a treatment, our priority is to arrive at an accurate diagnosis which is further enabled by our expert medical team.

Preventive Focus

Apart from therapeutic treatments, we also offer preventive care and counselling on one’s lifestyle changes.

Medical Consultation

Heart Disorders

Our team of expert doctors provide the best of services when it comes to accurate diagnoses, professional treatment and early transport to higher cardiac facilities…..


We offer personalised and comprehensive treatments to patients who come to us with diseases related to the lungs and the respiratory tract. Our expertise enables…..

Liver And Gastrointestinal Disorders

The health of one’s gut is important to all-round wellness. Patients complaining of problems in their digestive system can approach our efficient doctors confidently…..

Endocrine Disorders

At Total Health, we have trained specialists who are experts at treating patients suffering from thyroid disorders and diabetes. Our experts arrive at comprehensive…..

Kidney And Bladder Disorders

We provide the best personalised Nephrology services which cater to all patients with general kidney problems. We are also well supported by an efficient and…..

Infectious Diseases

Our team of doctors treat different types of infections by collaborating seamlessly with the skilled team at the research centre to provide the best possible care for…..

Psycho-sexual Problems

Psychosexual disorders are sexual problems which are psychological in nature, rather than physiological. We, as a team of sensitive doctors, consider a range of multiple…..

General Medical Disorders

Our highly capable, experienced and caring doctors are experts at providing accurate diagnosis, personalised treatments and above all, the best preventive services…..

Geriatric Health (Old Age Medicine)

We believe that the elders are the pillars of our community. Which is why they need our special care. We consider their preferences and values along with their…..

Preventive Health Services

At Total Health, we work tirelessly towards one goal and that is to reduce the risks of disease, disability and death. We do our best to promote healthy living in any…..

Day Care Services

We recommend Day Care treatments to patients who are in need of supervised medical therapy provided by our expert team of doctors. The therapy typically involves…..

Our Doctors

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