Movember - Men's health and ED Awareness


Movember: A movement for preventive healthcare for men celebrated throughout November, dedicated to raising awareness about men’s health and mental well-being.


Men’s health is multifaceted, influenced by various factors like location, community, occupation, genetics, etc. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand preventive medicine options, access services, and recognize their importance.


This movement serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of men’s health, educating our community on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. Unfortunately, global data reveals men often avoid preventive check-ups, seeking medical help only when ill. To maintain a healthy life, proactive engagement in preventive actions is vital.


Tips for men to stay healthy:

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Consume a diet rich in fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains.
  • Engage in at least 160 mins of moderate aerobic activity per week.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Use sunscreen when outdoors.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • Visit healthcare providers annually, ensuring screening for prostate cancer, cholesterol, and colonoscopy, starting by age 50.
  • Establishing a relationship with a primary care provider facilitates open communication about physical and mental concerns, promoting effective preventive health measures.

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