Preventive Care

Total Health's ACTIVE CARE

You’re always actively covered by our healthcare subscription

1. Covered Subscription Model:

A fixed subscription-based health and wellness plan which not only provides all proactive health benefits of Direct Primary Care model but also a gamut of secondary care services at our center such as Acute care, Dental, Lab & Imaging, Physical therapy, Pharmacy and more. A meaningful alterative to “fee-for-service” insurance billing model.

2. Guaranteed Patient Engagement & Access:

In many health & wellness programs, the Direct Primary Care providers put the responsibility for patient engagement back on the client. Not Total Health. We staff our clinical team to reach patients where they are, and we guarantee patient engagement.

3. Individual & Independent Interaction:

Rather than measuring engagement based on mass health events, we measure based on specific, individual interactions with our clinical team.

4. ROI based Measure:

We just don’t measure the health index of your employees but offer industry leading ROI guarantee that measures your investment against your savings. Total Health solely focuses on your total cost of healthcare.

Health Coach

  • BMI calculation
  • Online Routine Checkup Appointment
  • CF-related liver disease (monthly)
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Expert
  • 24/7 Connected Care

Personalized Care

Elder Care

  • Life Alert Kit - Remote health and emergency monitoring.
  • Home Consultations
  • Health Reminders
  • Home delivery of medicines

Health Wallet

  • Appointments
  • Upcoming checkups
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Profile

Kids Care

  • Immunization
  • Growth Charts
  • Checkups
  • BMI
  • Primary Consultation
  • Counselling

Primary Care

Total Health Care App

  • Appointments
  • Upcoming checkups
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Profile

Home Care

  • At-Home Expert Consultation
  • Home delivery of medicines
  • Medical assistance
  • Physical Therapy