Dr. Oriana Gonzalez de Sabga

Dedicated Family General Dentist


Dental Surgeon


Dr. Sabga graduated from the University of the West indies, Trinidad and Tobago. She migrated to the beautiful Cayman Islands along with her husband and four kids during the pandemic to be closer to family.

Dr. Sabga, is an active participant in continuous education seminars to stay up-to-date in the exciting world of general, and cosmetic dentistry

One of her main goals is to provide preventative and conservative dental treatments. She is an advocate for promoting the importance of an early introduction to the dental setting, especially in children, in order to foster positive lifelong oral health habits.

She was a co-author for a children’s book “Max and Mandy” as an initiative in promoting oral health, and the sales proceeds of the book provided dental hygiene kits to rural areas.

She is currently on her way to publish her independent book for children as a fun educational tool about the importance of proper dental hygiene.

Dr. Sabga’s favorite quote is “Love is work made visible” by Khalil Gibran, as it truly describes perfectly the love and passion in her work and the visibly happy smiles of her patients.

Her mission goes beyond treating just a tooth. It is about the entire person, addressing their concerns with patience, compassion and care, with her close attention to detail, all while providing patient comfort during every visit.