6 myths about dental crowns

There are many myths surrounding dental crowns.

1) Dental Crowns Don’t Look Natural

A common misconception floating around is that dental crowns are not made in the same likeness of the original tooth and therefore give the appearance of a fake tooth. Fortunately, advanced technology busts this myth by providing crowns in various materials which look like natural teeth. Even metal crowns used as molars have become a viable option since they are never seen.

2) Crowns Last Forever

Crowns cannot last a lifetime. Proper care and visits to the dentist every 6 months can prolong its shelf-life because only a professional dentist can monitor it and conduct timely replacements.

3) Food and Beverage Stains the Crown

This is the biggest myth that people believe in. The truth is, crowns are made of porcelain and ceramic which do not stain easily.

4) Only Used for Restorative Dentistry

The universal belief is that one gets a crown only if they have a fractured tooth, have undergone root canal treatment or have a broken or chipped tooth. But the truth is they are used in cosmetic dentistry as a way to enhance the appearance and to have a whiter and brighter smile.

5) Dental Crowns Don’t Break or Chip

If the individual bites on something which is extremely hard or has experienced a face injury, chances are that the crown will break regardless of how strong porcelain and other materials are.

6) Cavity Doesn’t Develop With Crowns

An artificial crown per se is decay-proof but the part below the crown isn’t. Which is why we stress on maintaining complete cleanliness around the area to prevent cavities.

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