Introduction To Total Health

We are a team of dedicated doctors and highly trained staff who evolve constantly, innovate every day and collaborate seamlessly to empower our patients with healthier living. We aim to change the perception of primary care in the Cayman Islands by providing comprehensive and personalised care driven by advanced technology.

We encourage individuals to continue to live their carefree lives because our expertise in primary and preventive healthcare will enable them to do more and be more.


Our expert team of doctors and highly trained staff are skilled in Internal Medicine, Dental Care and Physical Therapy. Our one-of-a-kind facility is 5,500 square feet in size with state-of-the-art technology and is well-equipped to provide advanced services in comprehensive primary healthcare. We also have an efficient Laboratory and Imaging team that helps in diagnosis and disease management.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, our unique facility is easily accessible for any individual who is looking for comprehensive healthcare under one roof.


PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE – We strive to promote good health and prevent diseases through early detection, timely intervention and personalised treatments.

PERSONALISED HEALTHCARE – We believe in engaging, interacting and educating our patients on a one-on-one level to facilitate their empowerment and participation in the healing process.

ACCESSIBLE HEALTHCARE – Our patients can reach us at our centre or request for our services in the convenience of their homes via advanced apps or online.


  • To be the epitome of personalised healthcare
  • To Empower, To Enable, To Educate and To Encourage everyone about the rich benefits of healthy living.


  • To restore humanity in healthcare
  • To make comprehensive primary care accessible and affordable to everyone at the Cayman Islands and the region through technological innovation and personalised care

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