6 Surprising Things That Can Spike Your Blood Glucose

6 Surprising Things That Can Spike Your Blood Glucose

According to the CDC, there are a few factors that can spike your blood sugar that most people may be unaware of:


  1. Sunburn: The pain from a sunburn can cause stress in the body and can increase blood sugar levels.
  2. Artificial sweeteners: More research is needed, but some studies suggest that artificial sweeteners can increase blood glucose levels.
  3. Lack of sleep: Even one night of sleep deprivation can have an effect on your insulin and glucose levels.
  4. Dehydration: Less fluids in the body means that your blood sugar is more concentrated.
  5. Nasal spray: Some of these medications contain a chemical that may trigger your liver to make more blood sugar.
  6. Gum disease: With gum disease, your gums become inflamed. Inflammation in the body can lead to higher blood glucose levels.

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