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Sleep Apnea

There is a growing awareness in the healthcare industry that aberrant sleep patterns and mouth breathing can and often do have a negative impact on our overall health.

This condition is typically built slowly, and the term for it is “sleep apnea.”

With sleep apnea, you begin to wake up feeling not as rested as you once did, and you will also experience more fatigue during the day. These types of symptoms are often mistaken for old age, stress, or other reasons besides quality of sleep.

On average, a person inhales and exhales approximately between 16-18 times per minute at rest. If this is compromised, you will then be functioning with less oxygen per minute, provoking a chain of events that will result in certain symptoms as well as poor quality of health.

The most common symptoms of sleep apnea are headaches, snoring, sleeping difficulties, neck and jaw pain, obesity, and unhealthy diet and cravings, which are caused by the need for a quick fix of energy due to lack of proper sleep. The need for a quick fix will eventually lead to a unhealthy cycle resulting in weight gain.

Also, when it comes to feeling rested and refreshed, the quality of sleep is more important than the duration of sleep.

If all these symptoms sound familiar to you, you may benefit from a medical consultation and exam. At Total Health, we will determine the cause and the right treatment to help re-establish such a vital habit. Part of the treatment plan may include other specialists as well. The team at Total Health will assist in getting you and your sleep quality back on track.

Sleep well, stay healthy at Total Health.

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